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It can be tempting, particularly if you are not going far, to try and move everything yourself. But, if you have come to the realization that carrying an armoire down a set of stairs may cause more damage than good, consider hiring movers. Check out our tips for hiring a reputable moving company; guaranteed to save you a lot of stress (and an injured back).
With a DIY move, you're responsible for the safety of your every belonging and a rented moving truck. And that can be a great thing if you are someone who likes being in control. If, perchance, you haven't driven in a Monster Truck rally recently, and the thought of driving an oversized truck is mildly intimidating, put a pro in control. Hired movers will assume the liability.
It's a pity that movers don't know that it's ripe time for that ugly Christmas sweater to take a quick trip to the second hand store. But, truth of the matter is, no one knows that but you. Packing your own boxes can be the perfect motivation to sort through all of the things that have been gathering dust in your closet. You can't pay someone to do that for you.
A 20-minute drive across town to your new home is vastly different from a four-day drive across the country. If you're moving locally, you may be able to con a few friends into giving you a hand. But, with a long-distance move, you likely won't have such luck. And those long-distances can be hard; as you're accountable for a moving truck, all you hold dear, a car or two, a kid or two, your pet lizard, and a partridge in a pear tree. Consider movers to do at least part of the job (see "The Break-Up").
At the end of the day, the cost is probably the most relevant issue when considering your move. If money grows on trees for you, hire a moving company. If you're scrimping just to cover the first-month's rent on your new apartment, consider doing it yourself. If you're somewhere in between, consider doing part of it yourself and hiring movers for the rest (see "The Break-Up").
The most workable moving scenario is the break-up. And we're not talking your boyfriend. Think about breaking your move into parts for cost-effectiveness. Full-service movers will do everything from packing your boxes to driving the truck to unpacking your boxes in your new home. But, it'll cost you (a lot). That doesn't mean that if you can't afford a full-service move that it's entirely a do-it-yourself job. You can hire movers for just part of your move. You may want to pack your own boxes so you're forced to organize what you have, but loading the truck may be horribly intimidating. You can hire movers for an hourly rate to just carry boxes to the truck and pack it. Create the moving break-up that works for you.

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