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There are some things few of us are smart enough to figure out. Like, how to pack an entire household of furniture, clothes, yard equipment, electronics and toys, into a rectangular truck. That's why, we asked the experts, our partner, Budget Truck. To maximize space, minimize damage and increase efficiency in your moving truck, check out Budget Truck's tips below.
Before you start piling things in the back of the truck, check out Budget Truck's Guide to Pre-Packing a Moving Truck.
  • Before loading items, cover the truck floor with tarps or plastic wrap to create a clean base layer.
  • Assign two people to stay in the truck and organize items once they are loaded.
  • Use large, soft items, such as mattresses and box springs, as protection for fragile items such as mirrors and paintings. You can also use these items as padding for furniture with drawers, to ensure they do not open during the drive. Rent furniture pads rom your local Budget Truck dealer to protect furniture.
  • Fill any spaces under tables or on top of hutches with miscellaneous items to efficiently use space and reduce room for moving.
  • When loading moveable items or items on wheels, make sure the items are put in stationary mode and secured with ropes or straps.
  • Pay special attention to items with protruding pieces that cannot be disassembled; wrap with even more care and make sure these items are away from items that can easily be damaged.
  • Put any small, unsturdy furniture on top of other piles to ensure they do not get broken.
  • Avoid leaving space between boxes. If necessary, fill empty spaces with miscellaneous items such as rolled up rugs or wrapped bedding items.
  • When loading the truck, push items as far away from the door as possible, working your way closer as the process continues.
  • Load especially heavy items first and position against the walls to distribute weight more evenly.
  • Make sure larger appliances are kept in upright positions and doors are secured.
  • Stack similarly sized items, with the heaviest/largest boxes closest to the bottom and work your way up to smaller/lighter items.
  • When loading larger appliances/gas-powered items, make sure all possible liquid is drained and flammable items are disconnected and secured with special care.
  • After each layer, strap items together to prepare for the next layer.
  • Strap down or tie items to each other to avoid movement when truck is in motion.
  • Stack items close to the ceiling to reduce room or moving during the drive.
  • Fill any remaining holes or empty spaces with padding.
  • Save fragile items for last – that way they will spend less time on the truck and will be the first items unloaded.
  • Load clothes and wardrobe boxes close to the back of the truck, as they are lighter and can be easily put away after unloading.
  • When finished, make sure all doorways are unobstructed and doors are able to close and lock before operating the truck.
Wondering how to get your stuff out of the truck?
See Budget Truck's guide to Unloading a Moving Truck

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