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You've packed your boxes, you've packed your truck, and you've driven to your new home. The hard part is over (almost)! Before you let your friendly next-door neighbor try to muscle through carrying your antique armoire off the moving truck, check out these helpful tips!
  • Start off by assessing your new living space and mentally planning where everything will go.
  • Make sure there is a safe path from the truck to the doorways. Take special precautions, if necessary, such as putting down anti-slip mats or sweeping walkways.
  • Measure doorways to make sure larger items will fit and remove any doors, if necessary.
  • Unpack fragile items first, placing them in their necessary positions or putting them somewhere safe and out of the way until the time comes.
  • Unload clothes and wardrobe boxes next, as they should be closest to the door and can be easily put away by others who are not physically unloading.
  • Unloading furniture toward the beginning is also helpful, as furniture takes up a significant amount of space on the truck and once brought in and unwrapped, it can be used to help organize other material.
  • When unloading boxes, take them immediately to the room labeled on the box to avoid pile-ups at doorways and to stay organized.
  • Remove large appliances last, as they are farthest to the back.
  • After the truck is empty, store straps and tarps together somewhere out of the way and throw away any used wrapping.

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